Monday, 21 September 2009

My top ten favourite stage musicals, and the Emmys 2009

So, I thought I'd start this blog with a list of my current top ten favourite stage musicals:

1. Sunset Boulevard
2. Chicago
3. Avenue Q
4. Mary Poppins
5. We Will Rock You
6. The Lion King
7. Starlight Express
8. Marguerite
9. Beauty and the Beast
10. Mamma Mia

This will change, bearing in mind I haven't seen Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera or Blood Brothers yet! I do change it quite frequently actually.

I don't really watch much British TV, let alone American, but I was so happy to see Toni Collette win the best leading actress in a comedy series last night! I love her work in films, and she is one of my favourite actresses. As soon as I get a chance I'll be checking out the United States of Tara! Of course she beat Tina Fey. Now, I am a huge 30 Rock and a huge Tina fan, but I won't comment on this because her performances are the only ones i've seen in this category. Of course she won last year and has six Emmys already, so it's not like it was a Kate Winslet situation. Alec Baldwin was a great winner again (Jack is so awesome), and I was pleased to see 30 Rock win best comedy for a third year running! Also, congratulations to Kristin Chenoweth, one of my favourite Broadway actresses. I wish Pushing Daisies didn't get cancelled, but hopefully this Emmy win will get her a lot more fame and work in the future. Long live Olive Snook!

So, that was the Emmys, well my little corner of them anyway. It's times like this I wish I had American TV, but then if I did it would probably annoy me in the same way british TV does. Goodnight for now!

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