Sunday, 20 December 2009


I'm actually starting to feel very Christmassy (which is actually not a word, but oh well), despite not feeling like this for the whole of December up until yesterday.

We put up the Christmas tree. Very exciting, probably the tree in all the world with the most unco-ordinated decorations, but I much prefer it to those boring people who buy one set of decorations which is then all they use so all the tree looks really like a tree you see in a catlogue or a magazine, with no originality at all.

It's was also the second day (third today) where the whole of the usually (!) sunny South East was absolutely covered in snow. I again ventured out, wearing my rather attractice wellies and hillwalking coat. I built my family out of snow on Friday, but on Saturday (yesterday) we drove to the next town, which actually wasn't that scary to be honest (I thought it would be) to see A Christmas Carol, on stage.

It was really cool, definitely a play with singing (acapella) as opposed to a musical, which is what I originally thought it was. I have now been inspired to tackle the novel, which I will do after (finally) finishing 1984. It must have been about a month now! Anyway, I don't really have much to say about it, other than that it put me in a very happy, Christmassy mood, even though I nearly slipped over six times on the way back to the car afterwards!

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