Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Theatre 2009

So, I only have one more show left to see this year, which is A Christmas Carol, presented by a local amateur dramatics group at a really cool local theatre/film venue which used to be a church. I was feeling quite sad about this, because I love theatre so much, and it's strange to think that it's only been about nine months since I really got into it. A lot has happened in those nine months.

I think the most important thing, for me, was my first ever little job as a production assistant in the summer holidays. It helped me to realise how much I want a theatre career and most of all gave me a really good understanding of how a production is put together. I can read all the books I want, but they can only take me so far.

I thought I would start by posting a summary of the shows I've seen this year:

1. Chicago - West End - ****
2. Wicked - West End - ***
3. Mamma Mia - West End - ***
4. We Will Rock You - West End - **
5. Sunset Boulevard - West End - *****
6. 42nd Street - Amateur - *1/2
7. Forbidden Broadway - Off-West End - *****
8. Avenue Q - West End - ****
9. Les Misérables - West End - ****1/2
10. Little Shop of Horrors - UK Tour - ***
11. An Inspector Calls - West End - *****
12. Sister Act - West End - ****
13. Rent - Amateur - ***
14. Annie Get Your Gun - Off-West End - ****
15. A Christmas Carol - Amateur - Pending....

So, overall, an excellent year's progress! (As said in true Bridget Jones style). I'm pleased that I gave just three shows five stars and that I managed to avoid getting into the habit of giving every single thing I enjoyed five stars by default - if that were the case there would be a huge number of shows with five stars, I can guaruntee that.

I also thought of some overall thoughts about what I've seen this year. I decided that, although it's not my favourite musical, the performance of Sunset Boulevard I saw was absolutely outstanding and one of the best performances that I've ever seen. I decided that this was my favourite musical of the year.

An Inspector Calls is my play of the year, not just because it was the only play I saw (!) but also because I had studied it at school and the performance surpassed all the expectations I've ever had of seeing a play.

Forbidden Broadway was awesome, so I chose it as my favourite alternative style event/show. I finally found a whole load of other Broadway fans, all in one room, and the show was totally amazing!

Here are some notable performances that I really enjoyed:

David Shannon as Valjean in Les Misérables
Daniel Boys as Princeton/Rod in Avenue Q
Julie Atherton as Kate Monster/Lucy the Slut in Avenue Q
Patina Miller and Katie Rowley Jones in Sister Act
Helen Owen, the awesome understudy, as Eponine in Les Misérables
Kerry Ellis (my only reason for going to see it) in Wicked
Linzi Hately as Donna Sheridan in Mamma Mia

I now admire Stephen Daldry and Trevor Nunn as directors after seeing An Inspector Calls and Les Misérables respectively. I think that what they've created on stage is just stunning and I hope one day I can create as great a production as they have throughout their careers.

Finally, I'll post my top musicals list. It's changed quite a lot since I first posted it!

1. Rent
2. Avenue Q
3. Les Misérables
4. Chicago
5. Sister Act
6. Starlight Express
7. Sunset Boulevard
8. Annie Get Your Gun
9. Marguerite
10. Mary Poppins

I much prefer the look of this list now! I hope next year can be just as good, if not better, for my theatre trips!

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