Thursday, 1 October 2009


I will admit that I found the book tedious. it was one of those novels where, even though it's easy to read, you just keep reading the same bit again and again before you decide to give up. So today when I (finally) watched the TV film adaptation of it I was definitely surprised.

This had been festering on the Sky planner for about a month. I had taped it on a whim, so when i had a couple of hours to myself today I just decided to watch it.

Eve Myles was really great! Her character Gwen in Torchwood really annoys me, but in this she was actually quite endearing. Her character's style was also impeccable! The rst of the adult cast were good, but the children's performances really let it down, with most of them just trying to say their lines and look cute.

It was really cool because the story is set in a small village in Snowdonia, where I've been on two climbing trips, so I found myself recognising bits of the landcape. It was also really cool to hear some Welsg spoken in it!

We need more TV movies, because this would never have got made as a normal film. The impression I get is that there are a lot more TV movies in America, which can only be a good thing because they're relatively cheap to make.

Okay, it wasn't the most sunningly scripted or directed piece ever, but it was an enjoyable way to spend an hour and a half,a ndalso a tantalising reminder of childhood innocence. I may even try to read the book again now!

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