Friday, 23 October 2009


This was one of the first words that I ever learnt to say, so it's no wonder that I was wondering if my one year old self would have been delighted with a movie of which I could say the title. However I couldn't actually read when I was one, so this wouldn't have made a scrap of difference. Add to that the fact that the word up was not even said once in the film, then I realised the title was just Pixar, catchy and original, one that everyone will remember.

Pixar movies, along with Matilda, were my first love. I watched them repeatedly, and even now am still eager to sample every one of Pixar's latest offerings. Up is now my Best Picture win for 2009 (I have still only seen 8 movies that have been released this year - what's up with that? It's not even enough to fill a Best Picture line up now it comprises ten nominations instead of five). Anyway, I think, like Wall-e, it will stay in the top ten (five in Wall-e's case) for sheer originality.

What sets Pixar apart from other studios making animated pictures is that they develop the characters properly, meaning that although the concepts are total fantasies, they are totally believable. Whereas with films such as Kung Fu Panda, Ice Age and Madagascar, for me the characters are completely 2 dimensional and implausible, turning it into a children's film. The magical thing about Pixar is that it's enjoyed by people of all ages, and isn't just another recycled, rubbishy film, like most of the other fare that climbs to the top of the box office.

Up was probably not as good as Toy Story or Monsters Inc, but encompassed brilliant character and relationship developments withing a story which was so simple on one level, but so complicated on another. I actually foudn the story quite sad, and nearly cried at one point. Overall it was thoroughly enjoyable, and, similar to An Inspector Calls, I don't want to write a review because I enjoyed it so much and don't want to ruin it for myself.


I don't give these out lightly.....

I've just been voting for the People's Choice awards, and about 90% of what's there is rubbish. Ah, well, my favourite saying: Generally, the more popular something is with the masses, the worser the quality.

Off to work on my top movies list now!

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