Sunday, 11 October 2009

An Inspector Calls

I thoroughly enjoyed stuudying this in year nine, so when I realised that the National Theatre production was playing in the West End for eight weeks I knew I had to go.

I had actually never been to see a play before. Well, I had seen the Tempest as open air theatre, but this was my first proper play in a theatre, free of worries about the rain.

Everything about it was anazing. The only other thing I have ever said this about before was the recent revival of Sunset Boulevard. Even though I knew that the house was going to collapse in accordance with the family's bond it still surprised me, and I am sure that this is the most effective use of scenery that I have ever seen.

Although I knew exactly what was going to happen (I foudn myself remembering large chunks of the script...) I was still caught up in all the tension at the right moments. All the performances from the cast were excellent, and Stephen Daldry's direction was superb. I want to see soemthign else on stage that he's directed (I have seen all three of the films he has), but really don't want to see Billy Elliot.

I really want to see the production again, although I definitely prefer musicals to plays. I would recommend this production to anyone!

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