Friday, 30 October 2009


So, I've just got back from a week long holiday. It was great, really relaxing and good to have a break.

The first part of our holiday was spent in Blackpool. On the first night we went to see kyran Bracken's Ice Party at the Pleasure Beach Arena, which was meag exciting because I ahd no idea it was going to be on there, so when i arrived it was a really great surprise. It wasn't as good as Hot Ice (sob), but was still really fun. Karen Barber skated for the first time in twenty years. She was a whole lot better than Nicky was and looked so amazing. Overall, the show was quite good and really entertaining. Definitely better than the Holiday on Ice disaster!

The next day we had an amazing day at the Pleasure Beach where I went on twenty three rides. Sadly this did not include The Big One - it was closed because it was too windy, although I have been on it before so I didn't really mind. I still want to go on the Big Dipper, but it's been closed both times that I've been there. That evening I went ice skating, and didn't fall over once. I think I did really well, considering that it was probably the seventh or so time I've ever been ice skating in my whole life!

Sadly, we had to leave Blackpool the next day. We arrived at our Derbyshire holiday home. That evening we watched Monsters vs. Aliens. I don't tend to like Dreamworks films anywhere near as much as I like Pixar films, but I think after Flushed Away this has to be my favourite one of their films. It was funny without trying too hard and a really nice way to spend an evening.

On Wednesday we visited Chatsworth House for the second time. I really love it there, and this time it was even more special because there was na exhibition about the film The Duchess, because it was filmed there. The costumes were actually right in front of me, and I was walking in the same places that Keira Knightley had! Such a wonderful place, if you ever get a chance you should visit.

Thursday evening....our last evening. We hired Michael Clayton, which was actually really good. Well I knew it would be good, I just didn't know I would enjoy it, which I did. I thought Tilda Swinton gave a really great performance, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of her films. I also thought that George Clooney gave the best, most natural performance that I've seen him give.

I also read the novel Julie and Julia (I thought the film was better, there was more about Julia in the film) and Lord of the Flies for English, which I found a lot easier than expected. I'm now back to the House of Night novels, purely for fun and no intellectual gain.

What a great holiday!

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